Start with Belief, Move Forward with Science

Headquartered in İstanbul, TOBIO is a growth-oriented pharmaceutical company that develops innovative products for the needs of patients both in domestic and international markets.

TOBIO, which started in the pharmaceutical industry with R&D studies, was established in 2015 as a completely domestic capital company.

TOBIO has an innovative product portfolio offering treatment options in oncology, rare and genetic diseases and has the only manufacturer in Turkey of approved oral enzyme combinations in the field of Consumer Health.

Innovative Products for a Better Future

TOBIO has a R&D approach that aims to develop innovative products. Our goal is to provide quality and safe products to domestic and international patients and to facilitate the accessibility of our products.

Innovation and the talents of our employees form the basis of our success. We ensure our sustainability by producing new technology products, investing in R&D projects and supporting the development of our employees.

PIn addition to our licensed drugs offered to the market; leading universities, public research institutions and projects we have realized in cooperation with other companies that is the biggest indicator of our innovative perspective and dynamic young staff.

TOBIO is an organization that is aware of its responsibilities, contributes to domestic and national drug production, and adopts a sustainable and human-oriented approach.


TOBIO adopts a sustainable business approach with a sense of responsibility, using the latest technologies; aims to develop safe and effective products.


As an innovative company, TOBIO has made it its mission to offer accessible, safe and effective products all over the world, especially in Turkey, in line with quality standards.