TOBIO continuously invests in R&D with an innovative approach by collaborating with universities, public research institutes and partner companies.

TOBIO, which set out with the idea of making a difference in people's lives while achieving sustainable growth and also attaches importance to the 'localization process'. With this process, it is aimed to develop and produce more drugs, to reduce the current account deficit, to reduce the annual total costs of drugs consumed in our country, and to increase employment due to production activities.

Innovative R&D Targets

By investing in R&D, TOBIO targets to develop high quality, safe & effective, easy to use, affordable products. Lab-scale manufacturing is conducted to test the formulation and process optimization is conducted. Afterwards, sustainability of production is guaranteed by pilot scale production. Studies like compatibility, permeability, feeding tube test, solubility, diffusibility, and stability studies are definitively completed. BE and BA studies are conducted to complete the development.

TOBIO values data integrity starting from R&D to production. For that reason, all data starting from R&D to production is recorded and protected..

R&D Production


TOBIO started working on its state of the art manufacturing facility that is planned to be operational on 2025 within Gebze Industrial Zone near Istanbul. In line with its plans to expand into EU and US markets, manufacturing facility is designed in accordance with the "Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) to receive EU GMP and FDA regulations..

There will be two different manufacturing units. One for oncolytic manufacturing the other one is for non-oncolytic manufacturing.

In oncolytic unit sterile liquid (Vial, lyophilised vial, prefilled syringe) and solid (tablets and capsules) forms will be manufactured. In non-oncolytic part Sterile liquid (Vial, lyophilised vial, prefilled syringe) and solid (tablets, capsules and sachet) forms will be manufactured.

Data integrity at every stage from R&D to production is of great importance for TOBIO. Thus, all data is recorded and protected from the beginning.